To Embrace Both Beauty and Comfort at Evening Parties, Choose a Pair of Comfortable Fashion Shoes

For many women, evening parties are important occasions when they should spare no effort to present the most charming and gorgeous look so that they can become the center of spotlights. However, usually, beauty is gained at the expense of comfort, which means behind the fabulous look at evening parties women have to bear the pains caused by stilettos. Are there some ways to avoid the discomfort and still look fantastic at the same time? You can find the answers below.

First of all, now that it is for an evening party, the style of the shoes you are going to choose is still the most important aspect you should take into account. Never hope to be lucky enough to escape the critical eyes of other women by wearing a pair of half old and half new black high heels. No matter how many times you have worn them, buying a pair of new gorgeous pumps instead is definitely necessary and beneficial. Once you wear the carefully selected shoes, you will become more confident and charming at the evening parties.

Here are some suggestions about how to choose the right styles of the evening shoes. Firstly, evening shoes are not necessarily black. In fact, you can opt for silver, gold or other metallic colors, which can make your whole outfit eye-popping immediately. Secondly, in terms of materials, dressy fabric is usually used to make elegant and classy evening shoes. Compared with matte leather, patent leather, silk, satin or beaded fabrics look better in evening fashion shoes. Lastly, low cut shoes and peep toe styles can make you feet and legs look slimmer than closed toed shoes.

Another important aspect of the careful selection is involved with the comfort. Only when you wear comfortable shoes can you show them off around in a relaxing way. The key of finding comfortable shoes is to make sure that you get the right size and fitting. When it comes to pumps, do choose those with platforms. Before you pay for a pair, do try them on and walk for while to see whether you feel comfortable in them.

The Beauty and Challenges of Biracialism

My daughter was a teenager and biracial. I said was, because in 2013 she committed suicide at the age of 15, due to severe inherited depression. When I was pregnant, I worried very little about the prejudice or bias she might encounter because she was half-black; it seemed to me in the 20th century, in America, she would simply be accepted by both whites or blacks, or at least embraced by one or the other. In my world-view, everybody has a place in America, regardless of their skin color or heritage. As I sit here reflecting back to my somewhat naive, simplistic understanding of what it would mean for her to be biracial, I have to admit now that my understanding was narrow and limited. Her experience as a biracial child was not simple, but complicated. And although she was not an “outcast” to either ethnic group, neither did she feel completely included by either of them. Because of this her self-esteem suffered. She was in the “midlands;” neither here nor there. She was not included by either group; not identified completely with the whites, nor able to totally relate to the blacks. She was a unique amalgamation; a solitary individual. And sometimes, she explained, it got very lonely.

When I’d ask her does she relate to the black youth’s culture of hip-hop fashion, rap music and slang, she replied quietly, “Sort of.” When I asked if she “fit in” with the white girls, she admitted with down turned eyes and a sigh that she didn’t, with her wide nose and challenging black hair. Where does a teenager, who belongs to two ethnic groups, land? She admitted feeling misunderstood by both groups of kids… a lot. She repeated the statement a lot to me-that she is “just me” and “unique.” I think she was trying to sell herself on the idea. She was different from even the minority kids. She was already seriously struggling at 13 to accept herself. But I didn’t know how serious her doubts about her worth ran-what teenage girl isn’t feeling insecure about herself? Girls of this age typically struggle with poor self-image. They see themselves as too fat or too thin, too ugly or too curvy, too shy or too loud, too poor… but never too rich! Yet even the “rich girls” find something to object to about themselves, because they are all in a similar difficult metamorphosis called maturing. They are experiencing inner turmoil, as the caterpillar struggling within the cocoon. They wrestle within themselves until they realize one day that being whoever they are is divinely perfect. Then, they take wing, and fly away. But my biracial teenager had a doubly hard job of it, because she was defying all racial stereotypes by simply being who she was.

The one thing I knew to do as a parent was to reassure her that she was beautiful and perfect, and that it is okay to be “different.” Yet, I knew in my heart it will be years and years before she was able to truly embrace and accept her individuality, and to express her love of it, if she ever could. The world can be a confusing and difficult place if you don’t “fit in” with mainstream culture. In the final analysis, I hoped and believed these ethnic challenges would make her a stronger person. It is said: “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Unfortunately, being different contributed to her feelings of alienation, widening the divide between her and her friends as the years wore on. Being a different color in a white and black world only adds to the beauty; diversity never detracts. It is interesting and noteworthy, and someday, I hoped that is what she would grow to be, never imagining she would be noteworthy in this way.

The Beauty And History Of Hand Forged Chandeliers

Nothing brings more luxury and style into your deluxe home than a few hand forged iron chandeliers. The romantic history of this chandelier dates back to the 18th century when many royal castles used to play host to some of the world’s finest and most beautiful chandeliers. Even now, handcrafted iron chandeliers are considered the ultimate luxurious lighting option by most people. They are capable of lighting up your living room spectacularly while delivering a look of the utmost beauty and exquisiteness.

Although the first hand forged iron chandeliers were simple in design, they played a vital role in the making of the most stylish chandeliers of the future. The initial design was simple. Heavy iron chandeliers were fitted with a few candles and heaved up to the ceiling with metallic chains. Once people started using these chandeliers that only provided light, many designers began to enhance the design of the chandeliers. Luxurious people and royalties demanded beautiful handcrafted chandeliers that could brighten up their homes. The simple candle chandeliers were effectively transformed into striking and gorgeous iron chandeliers. Numerous different designs began to surface as the society advanced. With time, castles and luxurious forts started sporting hand forged iron chandeliers. These chandeliers were made from the finest materials to give a classy look.

As of today, many people boast some terrific handcrafted chandeliers in their living and dining rooms. Once the variety of chandeliers increased, the prices started to go down which brought the services of chandeliers to normal homes. People from all over the world started to buy these exquisite pieces of art and used them as decorative pieces as well as lighting sources. With exquisite finishes and supreme designs, these chandeliers have gained a well-deserved reputation since their creation. Today, you will see countless beautiful designs of hand forged iron chandeliers featured in luxurious homes that deliver a promising aura to the interior. Old fashioned chandeliers, however, are still one of the hottest decorative products in the market. Many companies have taken up the job to find and renew these chandeliers and sell them in the demanding market. You will not find a better decorative piece than a hundred year old hand forged iron chandelier. Although they come at a heavy price tag, these chandeliers offer the unique splendor of the yesteryear.

Nothing is more romantic than sitting in a living room with a couple of splendid hand forged iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Every chandelier has been carefully crafted to the tiniest detail and helps add a definite sense of beauty to your home. You can find hundreds of designers who are skilled in making high quality chandeliers. The variety of handmade chandeliers that today’s world offers is simply unbelievable. Of course, if you want the ultimate sense of personality, you can find many companies who sell unique pieces of these artifacts from the old times. In any case, any luxurious home is considered incomplete in this modern era without a few attractive-looking and classic chandeliers dangling from the ceiling.